03 June 2007

Scotland the Brave

the highlands

stirling castle

the highway

iona (courtesy of wicked thistle)

isle of mull

eilean donen

...my heart is in the highlands.


Wicked Thistle said...

...and it's a perfectly highland kind of a day, too. those pics bring back such powerful memories--what i wouldn't give for a transmortation machine (huh?) that would take me there in an instant. sort of a "beam me over, scottie" deal. maybe an out of body moment will suffice...

Moi said...

Lovely photos! Although, I just realized, with my aversion to "these" kinds of days, perhaps I am not cut out to visit Scotland? That would suck.

Oh, and could one a y'all let lil' ol' technologically stunted moi know HOW you make those long photo banners at the top of the blogs? Doris, I HEART that photo of the Sandias. Maybe you'll shoot me over a copy?

Dizzy said...

The land looks ancient, medieval, beautiful, life changing, etc.

Make room in the transmortation thingy for me!

~MAGILL~ said...

im there.......

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