12 June 2007

the morning after the rain...

Another fabulously beautiful morning in the prairie, it started like a perfect Wisconsin (yes, I said Wisconsin) morning--crisp, cool and clear. The air was so fresh, I wanted to bottle it! And it should be, what with all the rain yesterday and more predicted for today.

Meanwhile, more pretty stuff popping up in the landscape, I'm telling 'ya--professional landscapers would be hard pressed to do better than some of the arrangements I find. The natural way that some plants end up together is pure harmony.

Then I spied this beauty--looks just like a blue carnation-gorgeous and the only one I've seen. I am sure most of these flowers would be considered weeds, but their delicacy in this harsh terrain is inspiring.

Why, it's so darn purty--the dadgum fence posts are handsome and strong; standing as silent sentinels along the unworked fields.

Yup, sometimes I just need to be reminded why I love it out here in the middle of nowhere.


Dizzy said...

" . . . but their delicacy in this harsh terrain is inspiring"

LOVE your words! I think God takes all opportunities available to show us beauty in simple things.

Wicked Thistle said...

especially loved those last two pics. the fencepost is beautiful in its starkness.

A.Fanny said...

Is the blue flower a bachelor's button escapee? Or chicory? Where's Moi?

Moi said...

Moi has been digging herself out from under a pile o' work, but has emerged this a.m. to catch up with all her fave blogs.

a.fanny, you win the flora spotting prize. It is, indeed, a bachelor's button (Centaurea cyanus) on the run.

Doris Rose said...

thanks my flora-friends

Katrina Van Tassel said...

Yes! One and the same.

I moved from my lovely home at the foot of "South Mountain" in summer of 2005. Looking at your pics makes me long to be back there and eating some flat enchiladas from the East Mountain Grill.
And there is nothing better than July in the East Mountains.

I wish I knew about blogging when I lived there. My photos of that area are gorgeous. Of course, EVERYDAY is a photo opportunity out there.....

Dallas suburbia... not so picturesque.

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