14 June 2007


So here are some rambling thoughts, since I was absent yesterday (without an excuse).

1. Shrek is a really fun movie, and the critics don't have a clue what they're talking about. I hardly ever pay attention to their reviews, because it has become clear to me, that we did not attend the same Academe Cinematique . I often choose films because of the director or the actors, I figure if they thought the property was worth the investment of time and money, then it is at least worthy of a look-see. (plus! I got in with the senior citizen discount, which I greatly appreciated... even though it was only $.50)
2.WT and I enjoyed a lovely light lunch on the shady veranda of the Flying Star--a shady, garden-like little oasis in the city (and I thought the only oasis was the dog park, silly me). What could be more relaxing than a sunny afternoon with a good friend, a grilled cheese and fries-perfect. My reverie was cut short, but the pressing need to get my car cleaned. Camping and country living will wreak havoc on a car. And I am not much good at keeping it tidy. It's beautiful now and today the oil was changed in the tires rotated. Happy happy joy joy.
3. On the professional front: I delivered an ankle bracelet, which was pre-ordered and I created the possibility of a small class-- which I would conduct for a small group of teenage girls. That may have been a stroke of genius, or I may have had a stroke. Time will tell.
I offered my house and materials to teach these kids some craft skills, and in the process allow them to make something for themselves. Tomorrow I will be going to see a local business owner about assisting with her new web site, she needs someone to upload photos and write descriptions of her products, I will do this in exchange for studio time or classes. Sounds like a win-win to me.
Last week I ordered a book online that was recommended by a blogster. How to write the great American novel before you die, and now,I am once again inspired to go back to rewrite my manuscript.
Having had time away and suggestions from friends, I am armed with a new ideas and a possible sequel. A first effort is not likely to be the success I dream of, but I will continue working on a because I really believe in the story and characters. It is also given me the courage to explore some other ideas. So come November I will be ready for Nanowrimo.
5. Finally, I would like to "Tag" my friends: wicked thistle, moi and dizzy -- The tag challenge: to list 7 pieces of your story that we may not already know.

I will write mine tomorrow.
Poppy and Poppy


Moi said...

Sounds like you have had a lovely day and are also delving into some new and interesting work/craft territory! Good on ya!

Ooh, a Tag challenge! Well tomorrow morning it is, then.

Dizzy said...

TAG?? What does that mean????? I don't have time to figure it out - remember I'm the hidden delayed child . . . I will be hiding in Arizona for the weekend.

I can't wait to see Shrek. Oh! And how exciting that you will help girls create! something material they will love. Awesome!

Wicked Thistle said...

You're gettin' your groove on, girl! Congrats on all the cool new things you're doing!

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