15 June 2007

I'm Tagged

could this be the start of something GIN...

Okay, I got this whole "tag" thing from Faith, and she got it from somebody else, and I thought it would be fun to do.The idea was to post 7 little known facts about our personal stories.
Moi has had even a better idea, which is to put down seven things about our "story" meaning our writing endeavors (hmm,that sounds impressive, but I have actually completed only one manuscript.) So let's go with that today.

1. Tattoo: Scenes from a Crime is what I am calling "commuter-fiction" for those of us who may have adult attention deficit disorder. It is written in scenes instead of chapters for easier consumption. Hence, scenes from a crime.
2. Two of the characters were actually caricatures of hospital staff with whom I worked during my nursing school days in Chicago. And much of the medical material is from my experiences.
3. The Antagonist bears a striking resemblance to a physician I knew who was scary brilliant and actually did threaten me. I used to call him Dr. Demento-- charming, but lethal.
4. I did much of my writing during a week in Belize, luxuriating on the veranda. Whenever one of the locals or staff would come over to talk to me and ask what I was doing. I would tell them that I was writing a book, the response of course, was "oooh, are you a Writer?"
"Well, yes... I am."
"Will you put me in your book??"
"Why, yes, I will" she responds, generously. And I did. Many of the characters who appear in the book are there by request.
5. The majority of my manuscript was written in longhand, because I'm more creative with pen and paper (has to be a good pen) and then transferred to the computer via Dragon NaturallySpeaking (which is an excellent program that writes really funny stuff, if you don't watch it). My two comrades can type faster than fleas, and I have a brain-finger disconnect; my brain works much faster than my fingers.
6. I have a malignant imagination and a total disregard for grammar. It is hard to believe that I took every high school English class twice (this belongs on the other list) and I still graduated with only a rudimentary sense of when to use punctuation.
7. I think Moi and Wick are both brilliant writers, and though I am intimidated by their ability; I am thrilled to be in their company.

So, there you have it. And in fact, these are probably things you did know already. I enjoy writing. I enjoy my story and I'm going to keep rewriting it until I get tired of it. Because... as my friend Wicked would say...
"there are always more stories to tell."


trinity said...

Am I in it??? (great big grin smiley)

Doris Rose said...

absolutely!! jump "write" on in!

Doris Rose said...
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MOI said...

Great post! Some funny stuff in there including your inability to grasp even the most rudimentary elements of punctuation. No worries, mon. That's what EDITORS are for. Just keep writing . . .

Oh, and if I'm by any chance in it, I would like to be a golf star, please.

Wicked Thistle said...

I think your brain-finger disconnect is really working for you. *That* was an excellent and foony blog that made me laugh out loud. You're making great strides in the descriptive aspects of your writing--"scary brilliant" being my fave so far. I have to go now so that I can start reading your novel. I think I'm going to apply it like suntan oil and just baste in it.

Doris Rose said...

thenkyew and very nice,WT..."I think I'm going to apply it like suntan oil and just baste in it."

A.Fanny said...

It was kinda wierd recently to visit some of the sites from your novel driving around in Chicago and Wisconsin. Creepy.

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