10 June 2007

Pagosa Springs

I have some very dear friends with land near Pagosa Springs where they spend much of every summer tending their beautiful land.While I was rearranging photographs today,I came upon some I took during my first or second trip up there and I was blown away by the magnificence of the scenery.
My friends have been good stewards to their land and the earth in general.For the past two decades, they have worked diligently to prevent erosion, avoid toxic chemicals and remove noxious weeds...by hand--one at a time.As you might well guess, this is a never ending task which is played out every year. It is labor intensive and time-consuming, not to mention backbreaking and expensive.

The results are borne out by some of these photographs from their land. These photographs were all taken in October, during a brief weekend visit. I have gone back several times with family and friends and never cease to be amazed at the beauty of this place.It is an awe inspiring place of peace;it is a sanctuary for all of life which is safe and protected.

I have seen all manner of wildlife, especially Whitetail deer, Elk, Chipmunks,Squirrels, birds, Fish and I'm sure there are many others that I have not seen, all while living in exquisite harmony.

There are over 300 acres on their ranch which covers a wide variety of plants and animals. Hiking upland into the woods a pond is located, which provides water for animals in the area.On the opposite side of the property, a grassy meadow leading to the river. Walking along the river feels like being a1000 miles from civilization.
In the evening,we usually find ourselves at their trailer--overlooking the large meadow and waiting patiently for the Elk to arrive.There will be a big bonfire and the only sounds will be the crackling of the logs...or our cackling at really silly jokes.It gets very cool at night and we bundle up and move a little closer to the fire and rhapsodize about the stars.

Eventually we hike back to the little Airstream trailer which is as comfortable as any fancy hotel.The little kitchen is stocked and the beds are stacked with layers of cozy quilts.This is the perfect place to rest And re-create.

Thank you, my friends for providing this little piece of heaven on earth.

(double click some of these pics...you'll see what I mean)


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Oh gosh, I can't even tell you which picture I like best. They are all stunning.

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