09 June 2007

Tornado Warning--NM

Much of the past two days has been spent putting the finishing touches on my newly organized craft room. I am-- admittedly-- organizationally challenged, but have found that I can do quite well when somebody says, "this is the cupboard for paint things, the shelves are for current projects, and these boxes are for sorting and pitching."
So for the past two days, I have been working at getting rid of extraneous crap, and you know what... it's not so hard-- with directions. My craft room is a lovely sunny room in the northeast corner of my house. It was planned that way, but over the years it has accumulated an enormous amount of junk, to the point that I couldn't use it for crafting. I can now. However...
My joy was interrupted by a flashing light on my computer, warning me of a severe storm warning, not just a thunderstorm watch--but a tornado warning. The report said that one had been seen on the west side of the mountains and was headed east.
I have been here almost 9 years, and although we've had some pretty severe wind. We've never had a tornado warning. It took me back to Wisconsin where we used to have them every summer. In fact, my brother called on Thursday, to say that a tornado warning had been issued for a possible F5... the really bad kind. There was some damage but he was safe.
I checked the weather station, the Internet and the TV weather for almost 3 hours and storm after storm blew through bringing rain, high wind, a second sighting and hail-but no tornadoes near here.
As I speak- or write- the skies are gray but clearing; the temperature has dropped 20° and the warnings have been discontinued.

I live in the middle of a prairie with no basement and really no place to go. I figured I'd take the wuppies and hang out in the middle bathroom without any windows. Fortunately, there was no need.
With the advent of cell phones, digital cameras and video recorders; the TV stations had some excellent film to show and all I was able to get worse, some photos of clouds. But hey, I'm not complaining. I am safe and dry and the windows are intact.


Wicked Thistle said...

yippee calle, girl, for 1) not gittin' squooshed by a tornado, and b) for gittin' rid of stuff!

that tornado was pretty darn exciting. in my 15 years here, i've never heard of a tornado hitting central NM. obviously it's a sign of the end times.

Dizzy said...

I'm hangin' on for dear life!

A.Fanny said...

I hear a tornado hit in Santa Fe - the first since records have been kept there??

I would also like to point out here that no one has yet commented on one "Dagmar" - known herein as "her royal highness." I find her visage highly provocative: very cute, no doubt, pampered as a princess should be, but there is a wee glint in those twinkly eyes that smacks of the devil! Am I projecting?

Doris Rose said...

no, A.Fanny, you are not projecting. Does anyone ever think about "I remember Mama"??

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