17 July 2007

HOT weather

Is it just me or does it seem perpetually hot?

and pulease do not say " it's summer in New Mexico" I will barf.

I say this to justify my thinking that is is perfectly reasonable to stay indoors and read Harry Potter books. My goal--therefore making it an enviable pursuit-- is to read the 5th, 6th and 7th books in three weeks and become an expert on Potter-Lore.

I will repeat, J.K.Rowling is an amazing writer! I read today, that she has an extensive background in Classics, which explains much of her attention to detail. There are several university courses about this "Harry Potter"phenomenon.
Amazing. Earlier this afternoon, I attempted the simple task of sanding and spackling two of my window sills...and it made me perspire. well. that's enough of that nonsense. Really.
This Retired Lady of Leisure does not need to...Perspire, I say No.

So, iced tea in hand, I shall blog and then head back to Hogwarts.

1 comment:

moi said...

Oh, I do so envy your ability to set down and read all the Harrys. While the rest of us proles (well, those of us who don't work in the schools for a living!) slave away. Enjoy, girlfriend!

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