19 July 2007


New adventures inPrairie-land.
Yesterday afternoon the bazillionth round of barking and running to the windows--keep in mind I live at the end of a very small subdivision with a dead end --there is no traffic, except once a week on garbage day.

Finally, I relented. I walked to backdoor swung it open and much to my surprise, saw a dog sitting across the driveway next to the trash can. Just staring at the door. I grabbed a couple of cookies and went out, she was clearly very frightened and backing away; so I tossed the cookies in her direction and waited.
A bit of a Mexican standoff ensued, she won, and I went in the house to get some water and some dry food and put them in front of the garage door and encouraged her to come over and just backed away.
Finally, she went over and emptied water bowl and started eating the food. I brought more water, and she actually sniffed my hand. A little while later I came back with more food and water. (As she had completely inhaled the first batch.) I kept calling her "sweetie", because she had no tags or collar.

About an hour later I came out, and she was just laying in the gravel near the corner of the garage, I sat down on the stoop, and she immediately came over and lay down next to me and put her head in my lap. Wow. Instant gratitude. I sat with her for awhile, and she let me look at her paws and her teeth and inhaled the affection, as she had food. I got up and moved her food and water bowls over to the porch next to the garage and took out a thick rug for her to lay on, hoping she would stay until I could decide what to do with her.
A third bucket of water and I sat for awhile and talked. She was much less nervous, seemed content to just sit with me. As you might guess, the racket inside the house was most distracting. My two beasts were plenty disturbed by this new intruder.
It's important to note here that I was at the last two chapters of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince-critical to the plot. I fed and watered my two, made supper and settled in to finish my book. Periodically I would get up and go look out the door, and she'd be sitting by the garage or sitting on a rug at the back door. Nary a whimper out of her.
At bedtime. I took my dogs for a walk through the front door, funny, they never looked back toward the garage or they would have seen Sweetie sitting there watching. I had to keep the bedroom doors closed when we went to bed to prevent them from remembering that there was an interloper at the back door.Oh, And I left the porch light on (? I don't know why).

This morning, sitting by the backdoor waiting for breakfast was... Sweetie. The challenge, of course, was taking my dogs out for their morning constitutional. I decided to take Dalwhinnie first-with her gentle leader and a short leash. Introductions were made, and Sweetie was so delighted that I was back that she was willing to approach me, even though I was holding a gigantic beast. They did the appropriate sniffing, and then I retrieved Poppy. She was nearly berserk trying to get off the leash. But this time, sweetie actually followed me while I walked her and they had a chance to meet. Interestingly, she rolled over on her back for Poppy-(guess we know who alpha dog is).
After they were fed and watered, I went out with some soap and water and flea treatment. (When I went out the first time, and she was sitting by the garage, I noticed there was blood on the pavement, and between two of her toes.) She let me pet her and apply flea oil without a problem and then allowed me to stick her foot in some soapy water and wash her foot. I couldn't see what was cut, but we'll check on it later. For now, she can live here, and I will try to get her to a vet to check for a chip. Next step --to find her home.
And that's the news from Lake Woebegone.

(seems comfortable)


Wicked Thistle said...

Thank you, thank you, St. Francine, for taking care of this neglected baby. Dogs teach us so much--what other animal is so adept at overcoming their fear just to experience kindness from a stranger? Not the human type, I'll tell ya that. I'm glad she's in your capable hands. Let me know if I can help.

Wicked Thistle said...

p.s. She is a CUTIE!! And Poppy is *such* a bossy boss girl. And Dalwhinnie will ultimately make the peace, mediator that she is.

moi said...

You are SO AWESOME for giving this wayward pup some kindness and attention. What's so amazing is, how dogs can experience such neglect, even abuse, by us humans, yet still, ever hopeful, ever trusting, seek us out anyway. Because of that bond between us. Thank you for honoring it.

And keep me informed. I wish I knew where you could take her where she would be safe. But my suggestion is, if you can, foster and we'll try to find her a home.

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