27 July 2007

Pack Leader Report

Mission accomplished. I set out to read Harry Potter books five,six and seven in three weeks and now I am done. It's kind of sad really, sort of the end of an era, but I can always go back and reread. Book Seven was truly a page turner, and Rowling managed to tie up all the loose ends and still add a few new twists. Excellent read for those who have not started.

My "Pack"

My newspaper ad for a found puppy was in yesterday's paper. And as of now, I have received no phone calls, for that or the flyer. No surprise. Sweetie is still hanging out and enjoying her time with my two, she is really playful and fun even though Poppy occasionally has to put her in her place.

They look to be the same size, but not.
Photographic illusion.

I cannot explain what this puppy found so interesting...she jus' kept looking and looking. Maybe the mother ship? who knows.

We are having a thunderstorm right now, moving closer and closer to me, and Sweetie is laying on a rug outside the patio door, chewing and a dog brush. She's completely nonplussed by cars, people, storms-it's really quite amazing.
Today I went out to brush her because she seemed to be accumulating pieces of mud. I discovered the reason; her new hiding place is under my deck-which is fine, but a little muddy.
I still desperately want to bring her in the house, but I know, that would be the kiss of death.
I would love to enchant you with more stimulating verbiage, but alas,this grey blanket of clouds, breezes and thunder are luring me into a nap....

1 comment:

Orangeblossoms said...

Hope you had a good nap. I could use one of those. Sweetie is such a sweetie. Wuv the pic staring at the mothership.

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