01 August 2007

Theme of Three's

Thus the saga begins... in our last episode, HRH was fostering a nine month old stray-now known as Sweetie. On Sunday last, HRH took Sweetie to see a perspective adoptor. The meeting went well. She got along with the other dog, was quiet and respectful in the house, and paid only glancing attention at one of the cats; said cat had other plans for Miss Sweetie. He stalked her around the living room and into the dining room, and then jumped her. Yelping and growling ensued-Rocky the cat was victorious.

It was decided that this might not be the appropriate arrangement. Arriving home in the middle of the torrential rain, Her Highness decided it might be time to acquaint this puppy with the indoors( she has been contently hanging around the property for almost 2 weeks). The first night went quite smoothly, she slept at the foot of the bed and was respectful. She has now been able to stay indoors for three nights, with minimal difficulty. But three dogs, under one roof is a bit much and on the third night it became a little dramatic.

Monday began early with a nine o'clock meeting at Desert Rose, NM in Escobosa. Three of us drove down to Desert Rose, to meet with the owner for our third team meeting. We toured the property, discussed marketing, and agreed on a theme/logo. The property is approximately 200 acres of beautiful pastures and Ponderosa pine.

Currently there are 10 horses roaming free, which are part of the ranch's remuda(Southwestern U.S. A herd of horses from which ranch hands select their mounts. ). The round barn is almost complete, hay barn has been started and next week they will start the ring/arena.

When the equine section is complete, work will begin on the spa/salon. It is a very exciting project, and I'm happy to be part of that -in some small- consulting-fashion. My job was taking 120 pictures, some of which will be used for the web site and others for graphics.

I didn't complete my photo work till almost 7pm. Poured a wee dram, fixed supper and sat down to watch my two favorite shows-The Closer and Saving Grace.

All three dogs were agreeably nested together in front of me and by some strange manipulation of time and space, when I stood up to head for the kitchen--mysterious things happened around my feet which sent me headlong into the entertainment center; knocking CDs to the floor, along with me. A quick self-survey noted no serious injuries, except for some blood on the bridge of my nose. I washed it applied Neosporin and took the dogs out. Then off to bed.
The next morning I awoke with a surprise! a swollen beak and black eye, poor baby. I'm referring to that evening as "the three dog night" and I'm thinking I'd better pusue another family for Sweetie since my acrobatic and doggy-wrangling days are clearly over.

So now you're all caught up with the Adventures in Prairie-dise. Stay tuned to watch the bruise migrate down my face.


A.Fanny said...

Nurse Rose needs a nurse! I hope you get bette fast, and am sending you all the healing vibes I can muster from our trailer here!

Orangeblossoms said...


I say a little tlc and a new doggie home. Sad. I LOVE sweetie.

thanks for your whimsy reminder on my blog.

hearts and hugs,

moi said...

Doris! Last I heard from you was your elated phone message that you were keeping Sweetie! That must have been pre-tumble. Ouch! I hope you are doing okay. And if anyone asks about the bruise, you can always tell 'em you were fightin' off banditos.

Fingers and heart crossed for you and for Sweetie . . .

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