20 July 2007

Pax deux-Sweetie

And now...for the Sweetie Report:

She has been very well behaved and is clearly in-luv with me.

She spends most of her time on the back step-day and night, but I have arranged places on the garage veranda, in the garage and bedding in a travel crate.
Yesterday I was gone for a long time and I left her sitting next to the garage and returned to find her sitting at the back door. Very sweet girl.
Today she traveled to each window looking for me and when I went out to re-assure her, she sneaked into the house to play with her new friends. I wish I could keep her, I just can't manage 3.
This afternoon, I am taking her to the vet to have her checked and scanned. We'll see....

1 comment:

Wicked Thistle said...

I love how Poppy and Dalwhinnie are in the background, tracking the interloper with their keen senses. Good luck!

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