22 July 2007

Lovely Sunday

The 21st has come and gone and tho Amazon promised -- my new Harry Potter book ain't here. Damn. I kept checking the UPS tracking code, which said was sent out from Albuquerque on July 19 and arrived in Albuquerque July 19. And then was shipped out for final delivery at 12:02 p.m. July 20. Well, I'm just saying, I don't think it takes 48 hours to get to Edgewood. I'm just saying.

So on with the puppy report. Friday afternoon I took her for her first (maybe) car ride to the vet, who determined her to be approximately 9 months old. Because of her pristine new teeth-even though they have a good layer of tartar-she clearly has not had anything hard to chew. He thinks she must be a border collie mix, and very healthy and very well behaved.

I took her over to a friends house, (who may be looking for another dog) and she got along quite well and exhausted herself playing. She was glad to come back to her friends and take a good long sleep, snuggled up against the back door. It breaks my heart to see her out there. And I will never understand the idea of an out door pet. I am afraid if I bring her in; it will be the end of trying to find her good home; and won't be able to part with her. She is one sweet, well-behaved, easy-to-train puppy. I spent a couple of hours last night on Pathfinder.com looking for a report of a lost border collie, there were a few, but none matched. Monday I will take some flyers to the local agencies and grocery store. But anyone that calls, damn sure better be able to describe her before I give her up.
Who wouldn't love this little face.

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