24 July 2007

Rainy Tuesday

The monsoon season has officially begun with a lovely light rain at 5:30 this morning; clouds and showers have continued throughout the day- allowing just enough time to take the dogs for walks.

It is also created the perfect excuse for doing a little reading. Believe me when I say, that I had every intention of making the seventh book last for a period of time. But I'm having a lot of trouble doing that, because the plot has taken off with a bang.

Yesterday I took some flyers to local vets and the grocery store as well as posting a Found ad in the newspaper.
The only reason for these draconian measures, is that some little child may be missing their puppy. But... unless some caller can give me a very specific description of this dog, this cute-little-sweet puppy- I will not abandon her. It is absolutely drives me crazy that she has to stay outside, but three dogs under the age of three inside this house would make me insane, and I'm afraid I would never let her leave.
However, When I got home from posting flyers and trying to bring groceries in the house, we had ourselves a little
MacBean adventure/circus. My two dogs got out, the puppy got in, I got her out and got Dalwhinnie in, Poppy wouldn't come in, Sweetie got in again, I got her out, a grocery bag broke, leaving a trail of sugar from the car to the counter, had to sweep that up (slamming cupboard doors, cursing, scaring dogs). I finally got two dogs in and one dog out, groceries out of the car, car in the garage, spilled a glass of water, put most of the groceries away.

I then reheated my lunch, and sat down nearly in tears. No. I cannot maintain three dogs and hold on to the little bit of sanity, I have. She is adorable, and I wished I could keep her- time will tell.

Thank God for Advil and whiskey.


Orangeblossoms said...

Maybe it's the whiskey I need. This dang headache won't go away! I love your new puppy.... I wish you could keep her. She's adorable! Sorry you had such a frustrating day!

moi said...

"Thank God for Advil and whiskey." That so needs to be on a tee shirt!

Hon' I did the three dawg thang and you saw it and you are doing the right thing. Sweetie will find a home. Have you talked to E! yet? Hoping, hoping she'll take Sweetie . . .

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