10 July 2007

Short Busy days

Well, my little peach-pits, it's another little exciting day in retirement- land. Today started with another walk in the prairie--no, I think I will call it desert. Remember all those pretty photos of spring flowers bursting forth from the high desert? 'they be gone and what remains is dry grass. (Which my neighbor came and cut...for 5hours :. decreased fire danger)

We have had thunderstorm warnings pretty much every day, but widely scattered. And if they do happen to drop some rain, they do it very quickly and move on- fast. So no matter how much rain may actually fall, I think it evaporates very quickly.

All that is to say, that it is not particularly fun to be walking outside with the wee beasties and they don't much care for it either. I tried walking earlier in the day,but if there's no breeze, it is pretty hot and dusty.

Then we return home for breakfast, and for me --some coffee. Generally, I check e-mail and my morning blogs and make a mental list of the day's events. Today it involved some spot cleaning up the carpet, linen change, put away laundry. And then some computer work.
I am helping the local woman by uploading pictures to her web site and describing the contents. I am also working on a proposal and mission statement for another business.
I took a break from that project and went on to work on my new garage window (new trim) and build some supports for a lumber shelf and much to my surprise and delight... the UPS man arrived with my order from Sears !
I ordered a new sleeping bag that has an inflatable pillow, a hood and it is egg-shaped! What could be more perfect, unless it had cornflake feet. I also ordered a single burner for the propane tank. So we could at least boil water whilst camping without having to start a fire.

I reluctantly came back to work on my picture uploads, talk to the webmaster tried umptynine different things and still can't do it. So back to the drawing board.

Now for the political part of our program. I would like to apprise you of another web site at Moveon.org , which contains another side-by-side comparison of the candidates. This time, the topic is global warming or- to be perfectly PC "Climate change." It provides video of each candidate describing their plan, and then shows a League of Women Voters Comparison in columns, which allows the reader to compare.

With the site I added yesterday regarding health care-these are probably the top two most important topics for most Americans after the Iraq war. I think it's safe to say that the Democratic candidates are-by and large- in agreement about bringing home the troops. Whereas, the Republican candidates are pretty committed to "stay the course." So that is your political primer for the day.
Leader of the Free World ....arrgggh

I lent my voice and signed a petition for the impeachment of the vice president, I don't know how far will go, but I do know that he does not have my best interests at heart-nor tose of any other American citizen.

On a Patriotic note...I would also like to
add a photo of my "troop" in Kabul, Afghanistan (without glasses).

The fighting has increased there and she has lost several friends. Keep Cynthia in your thoughts. She is a brave single mother of four, serving her second tour in Afghanistan. Peace out.


Wicked Thistle said...

Hey, thanks for the picture of your troop--it makes it a little more personal, ya know? Yesterday's headline in the Tribune said that we're spending $12 billion/month in Irag & Afghanistan. Just below it was a picture of the parents of the most recently killed NM soldier, bent over in gasping sobs at his funeral. It was one of the most moving and poignant (and not-so-subtly finger pointing) things I've seen in a rag in quite a while.

A.Fanny said...

She's cute. Tell her all your wacko friends are now thinking of her - that oughta help her sleep comfortably. Did you tell her about your blog? Maybe she will visit us here!

moi said...

Thanks for sharing! I hope she hangs on to herself out there. Tell her she's in our thoughts. How often do you guys communicate?

moi said...

Oh, forgot to add. For Moi, the two single most important political topics for me after getting the heck fire out of Iraq are:

1. Leave ME alone.
2. And leave me alone some more.

~MAGILL~ said...

This Picture really touched me I am not prepared to see young women on a gun mount

Thank you for sharing

Thank you Cynthia

moi said...

You been tagged, girlfriend. See my blog

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