09 July 2007

a monday

I have spent the better part of this very warm day at "Hogwarts" in prepartion for the release of HP#5 and here's what I found (as an ode to Ms Rowling) as I reread the first few chapters of the Order of the Phoenix- I actually thought I had already seen this movie! Her descriptions are so incredible. When I saw the first movie, I remember the Great Hall was exactly as I imagined it to be. So I need to work very hard on describing the material in my medical-murder-mystery-movie-thingy.sigh.

Oh the total other end of the spectrum, I watched "Apocalypto"on friday and can only say "what the fig-newton was Mel Gibson smoking when he thought THAT would be entertaining?! blood, guts, running, screaming, running, no dialogue, subtitles, running, torture, blood, running. Plot ???

here is the hopeful side of my life...

John Edwards,President

of the United States of America

(please check out the candidates plans for Health Care Coverage)

There, now I can rest a while.


moi said...

Uh, I LOVED Apocalypto. But that's just Moi. S.B. HATED it.

It is my goal as well to read all the Harry Potters sometime soon. I have seen the movies, never cracked a single page of a single one of the books.

booba said...

I'm right there with you're left leanin John Edwards Forum packed leadership driven Jesus bandwagon Belize beach bummin Harry Potter pooch lickin Scotifile freakon get the heck back to nature food trippin liquer swillin lesbo lovin digitally preserved photo reality retired world travelin turn ons BUT you REALLY missed the boat with APOCALYTO. It was the BEST cinematic roller coaster ride in years! Take a dramamine, dear Doris, delicate one, and let your wee self portal back once more to a mythological time and GO APOCALYTO! YEAH BABY!

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