23 August 2007

ahh New Mexico

Last night, I wandered out to the kitchen, looked out the window and figured I'd better take a little walk with my trusty Fujifilm-Finepix (thank you, Bonnie Joe).
We shonuff'got us some fine sunsets out here in the prairie, sometimes I kinda take em for granted.

This morning, after a lesson from my weekend house guest, I created my first Apple pancake*. I am not trying to usurp the positon of the legendary culinary wizard Pioneer Woman or P-Dub; but I have to tell you this was a fine treat.
I am not much for recipes (too many numbers and measuring--like math, she cringes),but this little beauty might change my life. (certainly might change my waistline)

* when A.Fanny and I were hanging around in high school, we would go to the Presbyterian Church in Winnetka on Sunday and then head to the Walker Bros Pancake House for a delicious √Ąpple Pancake--which was easily twice the size of this one, mmmm, YUM!!
Okay, now that we're finished with the commercial part of our program, it's time for Civics 101.
While I do not consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool conspirist...
I have consistently had questions about 9/11. There has always been something about the whole tragedy that did not ring true, far too many questions, for my liking.
I have recently noted one group that seems to be trying to find answers throught FOIA (freedom of information act) and the NTSB (national transportation safety board).
I don't have any answers-just more questions, but I would invite you to look at the following sites and see if you do not find yourself scratching your head a bit.
(the last one will provide you a humorous but sober reminder of just how lucky that "bunny" was).
Pilots for 9/11 Truth is an organization of aviation professionals and pilots throughout the globe that have gathered together for one purpose. We are committed to seeking the truth surrounding the events of the 11th of September 2001. Our main focus concentrates on the four flights, maneuvers performed and
the reported pilots. We do not offer theory or point blame. However, we are focused on determining the truth of that fateful day since the United States Government doesn't seem to be very forthcoming with answers. We stand with the Scholars, Veterans and Architects & Engineers for Truth along side family
members of the victims -- family members of soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice -- including the many Ground Zero workers who are now ill or have passed away, when we ask for a new independent investigation into the events of
9/11. We do not accept the 9/11 Commission report as a satisfactory explanation for the sacrifice every American has made and continues to make -- some more than others.
Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself.

- pilotsfor911truth.org

You-tube sample

"Border Collie Attacks Pumpkin"


A.Fanny said...

Sounds like your back is better? That there pancake looks mighty scruptuous! I assume you added a bit more sugar, cinnamon and flour than in our first experiment. I think a drop of vanilla is also good! Wisht I was there!!

Wicked Thistle said...

I know of no one else who can so seamlessly discuss apple pancakes and conspiracy theories in a single blog. And you know, after reading that, I can say that the two go together like Abbot & Costello, peanut butter & jelly, and little kids and snotty noses. Who knew, until DR told us??

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