22 August 2007

an averted tragedy

oh Lawsey mercy,

another mini-adventure at the manor.
yesterday, I evidently did something foolish that caused my back, serious spasms.

Be that as it may, this morning, my *pack* still required their morning constitutional. I dutifully got dressed and tried in vain to put on my clod hoppers (most of the back-injured that I know, cannot straighten up; I, on the other hand, cannot bend over). So I had to plant my butt on a chair, in order to get leashes attached.

We all made it safely to the prairie to do the morning salute and sniff-orama. After several minutes, Poppy with her routine hole- investigating, discovered something that moved and squeaked.

I soon discovered it was a very small baby bunny and pulled her away with as much force as I could exert. I steered them both away from the area, while Sweetie romped elsewhere.

By now that pain was radiating down my leg and I was trying to head back toward the house. Sweetie, must have scented Poppy's hole digging and headed in that direction, while I tried -in vain-to call her. Of course, she found the hole, and she found the bunny.

I panicked and tried to distract her without going toward her with two other dogs. She trotted toward me with the bunny in her mouth, and I could hardly move trying to figure out what to do. If I dropped the leashes, the other two would run right after her. And I would never get any of them back--including the baby bunny.

I chose to move as quickly as I could to the back door hoping Sweetie would follow-which she did. Mercifully, she dropped the bunny near the back step, as I pushed and shoved my two dogs into the house. I was able to grab her collar before she bent over to pick up the bunny, which was amazingly still alive. When the bunny moved, she lunged- coming free of her collar, I was able to grab her again and get her into the house as the bunny hid under the garden hose.

This is the part where we are all safely in the house, muscle spasms are seizing up my back and tears are running down my face. I want to go out to relocate the bunny-butI can't-I have to sit down. I did manage to get outside a little while later with a cane, but the bunny was nowhere in sight. I hope she made it back to her burrow-or somewhere safe.

After feeding the dogs-pulenty of food-I let them rest inside for a couple of hours. When I put them out later, there seem to be no trace of bunny. Amen.

I know they're just doing what dogs do, but I just can't bear the killin'. I'm feeling better now, seven hours later, and a lot of medication. And I hope that's all the adventure for today.


moi said...

You know, I just want to laugh out loud at the vision you've painted for me. And then cry because I can feel your pain. Literally.

But rest assured, them baby bunnies are TOUGH. Ivan had one last year and managed to narg on it for at least a good 5-10 minutes before we realized what he was doing. Kenny then saved the bunny, held it in his hands for a while, then it started to stir. Damned if baby bunny didn't eventually shake off its trauma and hop off into the sunset and the safety of mom and pop bunny who no doubt gave it a good scolding.

Orangeblossoms said...

Feel better soon! BTW, excellent bunny saving technique.....

Wicked Thistle said...

"I just can't bear the killin'."

I'm with ya, sister, I'm with ya. Thanks for making the prarie a safe place for the critters. And remember, that bunny who's nibbling on your fruit tree in 2 months just may be the bunny you saved.

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