28 August 2007

Another Bunny-Tail

Start with some "wuppies"just learning to share.

Sometimes they just rest (not to be confused with spoiled)...until...we go for our morning walk and She-who-must-not-be-named crawls into a 14"culvert to find an *object of interest*, carries it all the way to the porch step (while being rapidly pursued by her pack), carefully deposits it and returns to her very grateful human to be escorted-along with her two happy companions-back into the house.

The very relieved and grateful human thanks her very favorite Saint;

then proceeds--post-haste to the front step to find the Object looking wilted but breathing very rapidly.

The limp little object is carefully moved to safety and given pats and encouragement...and water,which she walks into; she also agreed to a few photos.(Duckness)

Is this an adorable face or what?!

After an hour of recovery, she was carefully returned to her home ...or very near-I hope and placed under a large juniper with instructions to go find her Mom and stay out of culverts and clear of Big Black Dogs.


moi said...

Oh gosh. The utter cuteness of it overwhelms. The utter helplessness. The utter . . . did I say cuteness? And Sweetie's prey drive is utterly off the charts. Ah, Mother Nature. What you gonna do? Thanks once again, Saint Francis Doris Rose for helping one of our widdle creatures to survive for another day.

Orangeblossoms said...

oh..... oh. oh. soooooo sweet. That widdie-bitty face is so cute.

Good save....

spike's mom said...

My goodness - she really is a "bunny for punishment"! Maybe Sweetie just can't resist her cuteness either - just saying Sweetie didn't eat her!

Wicked Thistle said...

i wub bunnies.

i do.

especially that one.

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