30 August 2007

Warning:Thursday Rant

Regardless of your politcal leanings, please take a Look at this:

John and Elizabeth in Portsmouth,NH

screw the newscoverage of as****** in public bathrooms, lying, manipulative, corrupt,self-serving public servants and spoiled, self-indulgent, self-destructive, young celebrities.

We need to wake up to what is happening in this country to OUR communities to OUR neighbors. Thousands of people are bankrupted by health care costs, thousands of people are living in poverty, jobless and homeless.The Gulf Coast is still a disaster--TWO YEARS after the hurricane damage that OUR government has Yet to remedy. Our future generation is being maimed and murdered in senseless, unwinable wars, that the MAJORITY of Americans opposes. Oh yeah, and the planet is gradually being suffocated by our hedonistic pursuit of self gratification.

And instead of rioting in the streets...no one is doing F****** anything!

What have we become.

1 comment:

A.Fanny said...

ooooweee! You're SO beautiful when you're angry!

I finally got to watch the video - it always stops after a few seconds unless I close everything out, erase cookies and go seperately to YouTube. I think my computer - or my self - is software retarded. Anyway, thanks for your political posts! They do educate me.

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