12 August 2007

on a different front altogether

Front Lines-War Heroes

Front Page

I remember Paris

in the Springtime...

And on the Home front--

1680 square feet and they want to share 3sf!

Check out Sweetie's face, she clearly feels left out...

and maybe a little PO'd.

oh yeah, and it HOT!! effing hot, dogs don't even want to go out.

Besides, not everyone *likes* hot dogs...get it?

nyuk, nyuk

I can't go on, I need some more ice tea.


Wicked Thistle said...

And speaking of boob jobs, is it just me or do those pictures of Paris represent, um, shall we say, different *stages* in the life of her breasts??

moi said...

Ooo you are getting so snarkily funny as the days go on! I nearly peed my pants over Paris in the Springtime.

Orangeblossoms said...

you really should work on the hotdog humor.... I'm just sayin'!!

Paris in the Springtime..... nice.

~MAGILL~ said...

no legs -prosthectics
no boobs -prosthectics

no room for dogs - prostrate

such a great observer of the juxtaposition of life

"Random juxtaposition, a technique intended to stimulate creativity "

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