21 August 2007


I'm feeling decidedly uninspired today, but I feel compelled to add something to my blog as I have been remiss. Additionally, I feel the *weight* of the blogosphrere. Since I installed the new map feature; I find it amazing that there are people as far away as the Philippines and Great Britain-- in addition to those from my own neck of the woods, checking my blog. I will try to be more diligent.

My usual rant about governmental incompetence is blunted; as is my enchantment of all things canine. This weekend brought about tragic news -distantly to the Caribbean and the hurricane as well as much closer to home.
The recent blog-report from Our Friend Wicked Thistle on the tragic death of her young cousin has given everyone who knows her pause to reflect on our tenuous grasp of life.
While most of us move on with their daily drivel; I am feeling disconsolate and somewhat removed from my daily life. Her blog has eloquently described the events and subsequent family gathering for the funeral, and while the events are several days old- the specter of sadness lingers.

My family, by comparison, is quite small-my brother, niece, and nephew. All three live in the Midwest and we don't see one another very often. Times like this make me want to see the more often and hug them a little tighter.
I cannot begin to fathom the mysterious events of our lifetimes. Everyday we are confronted with beauty, joy, fear, anger and wonder. A lot of wonder! And I think all of us wonder about unexpected death and illness, as though it were part of some great scheme.

I don't believe it is. Maybe, if we had the ability to look back on the happenings over a period of a hundred years, we might see why events occurred when they did- in order to bring lives together for unknown purposes or to avoid even greater tragedy. I'm not sure we will ever know. And maybe it is as simple as a quick bap to the forehead- that says "hey! This is your life, pay attention. Live each moment as if it mattered, because-it does."

Meanwhile, I send loving thoughts and prayers to all of the family and friends who are missing "Jason."

Eternal Rest


Wicked Thistle said...

Right on, sister! As Jason would no doubt tell you (as he raced by you at some obscene rate of speed), "Never look back." He meant it. So should we.

Wicked Thistle said...

p.s. where do you find these cool buttons that tell you things like where your lurkers are hailing from??!

moi said...

Wow. Wish I wrote so well on such a weighty subject when "uninspired."!

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