04 August 2007

Yippeee! it's Saturday

The only thing better than listening to Karen Carpenter is listening to her sing Barry Manilow ! And the only thing better than that is my chores are done; the dishes are done, laundry is mostly done, windowsills are spackled, sanded and primed. I have paid my bills and answered my e-mail.

The pooches have had their exercise and treat... and they are taking naps (amen). So now I can sit down and enjoy a little time to myself before the next round of who knows what-and all this before noon.

And while I know you were asking yourself, "When is she going to get tired of taking pictures of eyeballs?!"

I did promise one more, so that you could enjoy the color change.
And frankly, I enjoy the intricacy of eyeballs. I have only asked a couple of people for an eyeball shot, because it seems rather personal to shove a camera that close to someone's face, but all the little details are so amazing. I really enjoy macro photography, because it's like exploring the bottom of the ocean a new world we don't see very often and it's amazing.
oh yeah, one more chore...
no that's not decorative etching on the patio door... gotta love 'em


moi said...

Wow. I thought I had great dog art on my car windows. But that beats everything I've ever seen! Looks like you got one more task ahead a ya!

Orangeblossoms said...

It should be decorative etching; it is almost as lovely as the eyeballs! And your are gorgeous blues!


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