02 September 2007

the kid brother

The boychik arrived on Friday so I have been busy playing hostess, not much time for my regular pursuits.

It appears that fall is beginning and is quite lovely(80's down to 50). Good sleeping weather and sitting ouside weather. We have also had our traditional afternoon showers, s'all good.

Them dog babies havin' a fine time diggin' to China...

But enough of that ...
we had chores to do-YUP the screen door!
(ahem, Sweetie)
first, poor John had to get under the deck to untangle dog leads.
then he measured, cut and installed new screen and replaced the reinforced wire screen...as it rained a bit.
Finaly complete and installed (note the reflection).

As a reward, we went into town, shopped for a new pair of shorts (for him), had an enormous and delicious dinner at Texas Land and Cattle then drove downtown looking for the "Fall Crawl" --boooring.
I gave him a tour back down the picturesque old Route 66 and back to the prairie.
Today more chores (he really likes to keep busy-- honest). Then we will head out to explore South mountain for a little adventure-we want to see how far we can get-legally, maybe some good pictures.
Wednesday will take a little road trip with our Wicked Friend Thistle to explore the "Earth Ship" communities north of SantaFe. It is indeed an intriguing notion to build a community completely "off" the grid.
We will finish the week with a little party for the kid, to celebrate his birthday--Happy Birthday Bonnie Joe MacBean!


moi said...

Glad to hear da Bro made it in okay and that you all have been keeping him busy :o) Look forward to meeting him!

Wicked Thistle said...

Yippee calle to Bonnie Joe for working his buns off! Sounds like y'all are having a fiiiiine time. Looking forward to Wednesday!

~MAGILL~ said...

Yea for roasted Chilies, South Mtn, TXLC, Twisters, STARS!

the DogZoo not so much

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