17 September 2007

Monday news report

okay, so like Gevalia is $14.95, Smith's $22.99-34.99, Big lots $9.99 ...BINGO!
A Winna. And boy is it fast!weee-ouh.
But I also ordered the Gevalia ...because I got the purty coffee maker, 2 nice mugs, a scoop and...a pound of coffee for $16. Now I can serve guests.


Saturday was COWW night and it was a superb event with excellent wines, spectacular lasagna with yummo side dishes and brownies a la mode.mmm

We had a series of very pithy *girl* conversations involving...well, I'm sure you can guess what they were involving, most interesting.
And Yes, that would be Moi breaking up the fight with a tai chi move, I think.

Last night the Emmy's--and what the heck was that at the end?? The first 2 hours seemed to go smoothly and quickly-and yet- there were some big awards missing. That's right, I forgot we needed 80min for all the *extra* commercials they sold, bull pucky! and bleeping out Sally Field--puleese!
I love the Emmy's and I was soo pissed by 1030pm that I didn't remember who won! poo bah.

Today I took my canines to the Dog Park and they are now comatose, I also picked up my shoes from the shoe man (retired folks have to re-sole their shoes, you know) can't afford no stinkin' Jimmy Chou.

Now I have left over lasagna to prepare and the season finale of "Saving Grace" (inCREDible show), later my little peach-pits....


moi said...

Actually, I believe I am either blessing the proceedings or proceeding to use my freakishly large man hands to make yet another useless point about public nakedness being, like, so not okay and all.

A.Fanny said...

Not nice to leave your readers guessing! I can NOT surmise what you COWWS were discussing so vehemently that it would require violence from the usually rational MOI. Public nudity, perhaps? No one was nude in the photo although your dogs are always posing nude for the camera. Can we not have a synopsis of the argument?

Wicked Thistle said...

Doris Rose was bothering me and Moi told her she had to STOP. I believe there was a threat to separate us, emphasized with the karate chop visual aid.

moi said...

Or perhaps I was trying to nick Mary's shoes for the both of us to share? "Candies, Candies, Candies, I can't let you go . . . "

moi said...

Oh. And for a.fanny: The gist of the nakedness argument is that I, while certainly no prude, believes there is a time and a place for public nakedness, albeit those times and places are rare indeed. In other words, I do NOT want to be staring at the hairy hind end of someone I only just met while trying to hike a canyon in bazillion degree heat. But that's just Moi.

A.Fanny said...

So then, what ARE these appropriate times and places for public nudity in Wicked's estimation!? And did the other COWWs disagree?

moi said...

When one is either:

B. Has firmly established that like-minded individuals are amongst the general population.

Basically, the other COWWs made fun of Moi, so no I don't think there was consensus.

A.Fanny said...

Well then let them WALK THE WALK at the next COWW meeting! And let Doris bring her camera! That will really bother the Wicked one and TOI will need some very fancy moves to keep the peace I reckon. Can't wait!

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