19 September 2007

A Contest!

What is the Story behind this picture??

and yes, a prize will be awarded and No it will not be a broken coffee maker.
Perhaps it will be a prize winning photo or something from the studio of the Silver Queen...

the best story will be awarded for humor an ingenuity and the one I pick.
All entries must be made this year and may have nothing to do with the Mogollon.


A.Fanny said...

Jake Gyllenhaal snapped this evidence photo after a reassuring night with the script girl on the Brokeback Mountain set.

moi said...

The Wicked Thistle, in a good-natured attempt to bond with a particular species of God's lil' chillrun (read: squirrels) went merrily skipping into the forest one day to spread the word that we humans come in peace. Said lil' chillrun listened patiently and offered nuts. Then, once Wicked Thistle was back at base camp, the lil' chillrun launched an all out assault, ransacking her tent and making off with all her provisions and fleecy outfits for their nests. But not without first bonking her on the head with tree branches so that she fell into a deep snooze.

Wicked Thistle said...

In a fit of flatulence, Wicked managed to accidentally anesthetize herself.

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