26 September 2007


"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."
Lewis Carroll

It is almost time my little blogger-heads for the Annual NaNoWriMo Event.Nov.1-30, 2007. And while this may be important to, say...one or two of you(and You know who you are),I thought that it might be nice to announce it and spread the proverbial word.
This will be my third year, participating in the event. The first year I was is able to reach 26,000 words... but I was writing by hand and thrilled to get that many words written. Last year, I discovered "Dragon Naturally Speaking" and was able to dictate 50,000 words. My unfair advantage is that I plan my vacation the first week of November and I go to the beach in Belize and write every day. When the waiter asks what I'm doing and tell him I'm writing a novel (it feels soo good). Invariably, they ask if they can be in the book and I acquiesce and write them in. The point of the exercise is to put words on paper, fast and furious-no editing, no proof reading, no spell checking- just get 'er done. Silence the inner editor and remember that no one is going to see this if you don't want them to. And it's fun to be in a little competition, I check every day to see how far behind Moi and Wicked I am falling but we all get there in the end.

Tangent-new topic (and the bad news is...)
During my days working for the man I routinely drove a hundred or more miles a day, to some lousy neighborhoods and horrifying traffic jams. Now I try very hard to leave my car in the garage, I knew they take it out once or twice a week to run errands or to take my darling brother on a tour of New Mexico. So it came as a great surprise to me, when after going into town twice last week (town being Albuquerque) that I discovered my right front fender was badly dented-to the point that it was difficult to get the passenger door open. I was pissed. Someone banged into my car, either on the front or on the side hard enough to do some serious damage and did not have the courtesy to own up to it.
Folks, we're not talking about a little door-ding, we are talking about a major dent. So this afternoon, I will be off trying to find someone who can pull it out without having to go through my insurance company hoops. Retired folks don't like this kind of surprise, let me just tell you that. Raises their blood pressure. Not a good thing. So that's what I'm up to, I'll have more news later today.


moi said...

Aw man, that sucks! A curse on that dishonest, crap weasel human and justice for Doris Rose! And, hopefully, someone with one of those thingees that suck the metal back into shape.

(As for NaNoWriMo – gulp! And get ready for writin' exercises, ladies.)

Wicked Thistle said...

Well, you know how it is--people are fucks. We've discussed this at length within the contexts of many topics. Hell, if Britney doesn't have to own up to her car smacking--with the WHOLE PAPARAZZI right there looking--why should anybody else??

On the better side of things....NANOWRIMO!!! Must...start...planning...

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