25 October 2007

Day Four

Today is an unbelievably beautiful day in the desert-sunny and warm, light breeze and cloudless sky. I started today, having long chat with my brother (after turning the hose on for a little more water in the pool). Glenn arrived for the to work on"plumbing" which, incidently, he has been doing all day (sans helper).

There are lots of white pipey-things with stinky blue goo running between the pool, the wall and the equipment shed. I was fortunate to escape for a small adventure to the grocery store to stock up on winter canned goods, mmmm. I sat in the Smiths parking lot munching a McSandwich and coffee while watching the local residents do their shopping-Hey, it's what retired folks do out here in the country.

I then drove over to the hardware store and bought two 4' piano hinges, two handles, a ceramic sawblade and a cover for my swamp cooler- they didn't have any mothballs.
After affixing the handles to the gigantic crate -I had to wait for Glenn to come back from lunch to cut the wallboard to fit around pipes; the insulating can wait.
There were some new holes around the foundation of the garage and I suspect they were made by our old friend Clyde Jr., I don't think he is enjoying the banging and drilling is going on in the garage. Good.

There isn't much in terms of exciting pictures, I will include a plumbing shots,which I'm sure are fascinating.

Maybe I can interview Glenn (teehee).

Also my ebay swim suit arrived! woo hoo


moi said...

Cute suit! The countdown to Doris Rose swimming begins!

Wicked Thistle said...

Girlfriend, that BATHING suit!! Eet ees gorgeous and purrrrfect for zee sweeming.

Maybe you could wear it to the soiree tonight. It's festive. With Clyde, Jr. wrapped around your neck for fashion enhancement.

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