26 October 2007

Good Bye Spa-Tech, man...

and thank you.
At 2:30pm -Friday, Oct 26, 2007 the pool man packed up his 4,000 tools,pipes, vacuums, tapes, testers,wrenches and ladders and drove off into the sunshine with a hi ho Silver.

He had graciously brought his 8' dolly (not a person-type, but a roller thingy) and together we moved the ginormous 8'crate (hereafter to known as the guest wing of the manse) to the north end of newly named "Mermaid Club".

The plumbing works and chemicals have been adjusted.The temperature has moved 58° to 63°-Still not warm enough to swim but I will be patient even though it looks so tempting.

The garage is an unholy mess with boxes and Styrofoam and pages of instructions and warranties. I still need to finish insulating, plug the holes in the wall with insulation, replace the last sheet of cement board, put a coat of primer on the guest quarters, install hinges and a latch, install a grab bar and flashing lights (just kidding-for now). But, none of this will prevent me from getting into that pool and swimming tomorrow.

But so far, it's everything I hoped it would be. I must tend to my beasties and get ready to go to a soirée, but stay tuned for the grand opening or the grand dunking or HRH takes a swim-who knows?


~MAGILL~ said...

WE DEMAND !! an action shot
VIDEO they cried

Glenn looks mighty proud

seem like you have been pregnant with this baby for a long time...

Congratulations ! ! !

moi said...

Ah. It is booootiful. May you swim often and swim well.

A.Fanny said...

I has been a wonderful journey to watch this development! You pressed through all the barriers. Great job! Plug those holes now cause Clyde and all the rest of us will want to get in with you!

Orangeblossoms said...

that would be so totally handy in the garage of a Baptist preacher...... I'm just saying....


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