15 October 2007

Fish scales and mermaid tails

The project began by assembling paint cans, spray paint, brushes, sand, seashells, fishnets and various and assorted little foam fish. My artistic friend e! came attired in her crab hat, already to attack my faux aquarium wall.
We started by installing green stuff, it looked like water plants- or at least hope it looks like that. The sandy bottom was a little more tricky, mixing it with the polyacrylic seemed like such a good idea, it didn't exactly "paint on" many trial-and- errors; including a little enhancement with spray paint.
We each took a turn at painting fishies and sticking all manner of tropical foam stickers-fish, grass, crabs, lobsters, turtles, sharks, dolphins and octopii around the plants.
The border was even more tricky, since neither of us had done wallpapering and are both vertically challenged.

With a break for lunch it still took about three hours by which time, I was done being creative. Done.

There are still more seashells and fishnets to deal with but they will have to wait for another day.

The pool should be delivered sometime this week, and I am told that will be transferred from a moving van to a flatbed tow truck from which it can be slid to the ground. I think I mentioned that we're looking at over 2000 pounds worth of equipment.
The following week, Glenn should be arriving to erect this little oasis in the desert. I am secretly a bit glad that I don't have a lot of neighbors dropping in because it certainly looks a little odd at this stage. And furthermore, I do not plan to have the neighborhood recreation area. Call me selfish, but as they said, Finding Nemo- "mine, mine, mine, mine, mine."
There is a caveat, of course, for my special little mermaid friends, wink, wink.


moi said...

You guys are unbelieveably creative! It looks great and I can't wait to see it. And good gosh, no. You definitely don't want the neighbors by. Specially YOUNG neighbors who you-know in pool water. Yew. Best for adult compadres of the DR only.

Wicked Thistle said...

Oooooooooh, groovalicious!! Your creativity blows me away--what an awesome force you two are. Yes, yes, keep it just for us.

p.s. hee hee, you said, "erect."

~MAGILL~ said...

This not what I saw in my visit - you have performed miracles - now all you need is an ........


Wicked Thistle said...

I just want to comment here that if you go to your clustermap you'll find a beautiful arc of dots over europe. go quick!

A.Fanny said...

I'm calling LL[MAC}Bean immediately to order a new swimsuit!!!!

Doris Rose said...

thank you folks, it is nearing the finish line.I appreciate the support of mi familia.

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