17 October 2007

It's HERE!

(revised 10/18/07)

Although I am currently unable to upload pictures (visualize a sad, discouraged face) I would like to announce that at 7:45 this morning, my Endless Pool delivery arrived.

Two pallets on the back of a flatbed tow truck. The flatbed was lowered into the garage and the pallets were pushed and shoved until they were safely ensconced in the new pool room. My Allied Van Lines driver was very pleasant and regaled me with reminiscences about where he lived in Albuquerque many years ago and how he still missed it very much. As a bonus, he was very charming by way of pointing out that there was no way I could possibly be retired; I was far too young and he was just sure I was his age (48)-so naturally, I grinned and blushed and giggled.

In 15 minutes the invoice was signed, the check was delivered and they were on their way. Of course, I took some quick pictures, and now find that I cannot include them-boo-hoo. Sadly, I will have to look at that gigantic 4 x 4 x 8' crate and just imagine all of the fun things inside, sigh. Glenn will be here Monday to begin the installation, and in the interim I shall continue to create fishies.

Film at 11... or whenever I can upload.


Wicked Thistle said...


moi said...

Yay! Bonus: a little flirty-flirty with the delivery man. That's sure to build some positive vibes for the install next week.

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