22 October 2007

Installation --Day one

The Pool and the 900 pounds worth of equipment arrived last Wednesday and has been occupying my garage ever since.While I waited impatiently and my little car withstood the first freeze and the first snowshowers of the season.(there was beautiful snow-dust on the mountains this morning)


This morning the Spa Tech man (Glenn)arrived with his able companion and gazed with frank admiration at the beautimous transformation of the garage... crates and whatnot, notwithstanding. It is now 11:40am and the lads have left for lunch. The pool walls are assembled and they discovered that the floor is not completely level and will require some shims to level it. Funny, it seemed level 6 weeks ago, but we didn't check everywhere. At least we can avoid pouring more cement-gulp. In order to save myself bunches of dollars, I volunteered to cut and insert the rigid foam insulation into the wall panels which we will be doing when they return, so I had better get my glovies and a serated knife-oh, and a tape measure..."measure twice, cut once".

to be continued...


moi said...

Oh, mah, gawd! It's looking official and everything!

Wicked Thistle said...

oh...ma...gawd, too! shape and form are happening! function soon to follow! and i learned a new word today--shims. no idea what they are, but i like it if it means you will get your pool going soon.

i am imagining glug glug sounds...

A.Fanny said...


~MAGILL~ said...

Absolutly Proleptic

you saw, believed, had vision, faith, ($$$$$.$$) and

Wallah !!! it appeared

video blog of the first swim is required

Doris Rose said...

1. Rhetoric. the anticipation of possible objections in order to answer them in advance.
2. the assigning of a person, event, etc., to a period earlier than the actual one; the representation of something in the future as if it already existed or had occurred; prochronism.
3. the use of a descriptive word in anticipation of its becoming applicable.
4. a fundamental conception or assumption in Epicureanism or Stoicism arising spontaneously in the mind without conscious reflection; thought provoked by sense perception.
5. Pathology. the return of an attack of a periodic disease or of a paroxysm before the expected time or at progressively shorter intervals.


moi said...

I dunno, but at least you prevented Moi from having to look it up!

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