12 October 2007

More MacBean Adventures

You know folks, the weather has begun to change. There are no more pretty prairie flowers and soon I will be spending a lot of time in the house diving diversions...

so here we go!

This week...

Starring Dalwhinnie ~Delightful and Delicious Duchess of Dinkus !


Wicked Thistle said...

Oh, that Dalwhinnie is such a trailer park ho. And Chester T. Baldwin in the background--mm, mm, mm. It was a good day at the manse, no?

Way cool on your new blog skills--pictures with caption, videos...what's next, girl? Peace in the middle east?

~MAGILL~ said...

Your breakthrough in Technology is inspiring - since I am not a 'writer' videos and photo enhancements are Grand :)

will instructions be posted on 'how to' the new technology ?

I still don't know how to put an apple in my comment

Doris Rose said...

Actually, Dalwhinnie IS doing a little Mideast negotiating and I am very hopeful.

...and I'm afraid Moi will have to enlighten us on inserting Apples in comments.

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