11 October 2007

nearing the finish line

This was my inspiration after e! came up with the idea-sort of whimsical and fun...but tranquil and oasis-like.
I went to Lowes with my samples (man, those paint chips are over whelming-just made me want to paint everyting into a technicolor dream) and it took a while to find a "not too" color.

I loved this one-truly. It's called La Fonda--something. And it is much more vibrant in person. I also bought a butt-load of foam fishies, some acrylic paint and fish nets! who knew you could buy used fish nets. Ain't craft stores amazing. I was strong and stayed on task--avoiding the yarn and the bead section. brave, very brave.

Tomorrow I'll add another coat and see if the wood coping needs another coat.


moi said...

Sweet jeebus, Doris Rose, you get more done in one day than I would calling workmen in a week. It's going to be beautiful!

Wicked Thistle said...

Wowie! It's unbelizeable what a change a simple coat of paint will make. From functional to relaxing-seaside-bring-me-a-mojito mood. But most importantly, I love-love-LOVE the picture of your gorgeous eyes!

A.Fanny said...

Can't wait for the photo IN THE POOL with the MOHITO - or will it be a single malt scotch? - after your first workout!

Doris Rose said...

Moi-thanks, but I spend most of my day online...for now.
Wicked- thanks-blush, you will get the first mojito!
a.fanny- I think there might be celebratory champagne not the crack-on-the-bow type either.We will re-celebrate when you visit.
Next week will be decorating time.

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