27 October 2007

Opening Day

The first swim was FAB-ulous. I think I would like the water a smidge warmer, it said 82 but the thermometer was floating in front of the in-jet.

Still, it was sunny outside and comfortable inside; but I was glad to come in and jump into a sweat suit, mmmm.

I submit this odd video for Bonnie Joe, the "Mermaid Club" clearly needs to be cleaned up again. I have a busy week ahead because I leave for Belize next week and Nanowrimo begins Thursday...EEEK!

P.S. the new swimsuit was perfect.(NO pictures)

P.P.S I couldn't tell you what that music was all about.


moi said...

Well, you know, the thing about clean up is this: it can always wait. The important thing is that the pool is in and working and you're swimming!

I'm feeling a little verklempt about it all. I remember only a few short months ago when it was little more than a spark of an idea in your brain. And that spark grew, and you made it happen, and now look at what you have! So awesome. And I'm so glad you got to enjoy your swim yesterday.


Doris Rose said...

Thanks to Moi, the idea started fermenting at her house with a COWW event,hmmm.

~MAGILL~ said...

Awesome video - Thank you

paddle proudly - by jove you did it !

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