07 October 2007

The Windy Shed Day

So, after a 20 page book of instructions and several "re-dos", we get to the end of the shed project and there's an elaborate diagram for pushing plugs into the door...??

The Duworx shed is complete and withstanding 20-30mph winds. whew.

It turns out that my 6'x3' foot shed is not quite 6x3' ...more like 60"x 39.5"
but, who cares?
The equipment will fit fine and I can lock it
(lest someone try to steal my silver/copper water filter).
does look a little like an outhouse,tho...

(We also filled in one of Clyde, jr's exit routes.)

That took all morning and this afternoon we slathered a gallon of Kilz primer on the walls.

Now the plan is to paint the walls above the pool a lovely blue that will go well with the Royal blue cover to give the feeling of swimming in a small aquarium. Nice, huh?

Next weekend I hope to gather my friends to decorate the walls with little fishies and mermaids with their faces! Great idea.

Now we invite votes (this seems to be the bloggy-fad),look at the color choices for an *aquarium-like* color, then let me know what you like. (If you double click you may be able to read the name and number.)
The equipment should be arriving any day and the construction will begin October 22nd. I AM SOO FRICKIN' EXCITED.

Now, I must to bed, perchance to dream...


moi said...

Gah! I'm exhausted just reading about this project! You gals are crafty for sure! My vote: 153-6 or 154-5.

A.Fanny said...

154-4 or 153-4 to match yer bonnie blue-green eyes!

Wicked Thistle said...

any of the ones ending in -6.

Kathleen said...

153-4 so that the space won't be overwhelmingly dark!

That's just MHO - I'm so pleased for you that this is all coming to fruition!!

Doris Rose said...

Thanks for the input, folks.
here's the tally so far
153-4 2
153-6 2
154-4 1
154-5 1
154-6 1
151-6 1
I'm edging toward the first one...

Anonymous said...

I know you don't really want my color opinion ( since they all look gray)

but I will vote on tropical fish

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