10 October 2007

my camwah is bwoken

booo hooo hooo, bwaah.

my boootiful best ever digital-buddy, fujifinepix f700 has broken her ftp board or something and has to go back to the factory.

Since 2000 this little camera has traveled the world and provided me with almost 3,000 fabulous pictures. Yes, I have a new Fuji with a 10x telephoto and 7.2 megapixel...but this is my always dependable-whip-out and shoot.

Okay, suck it up. They don't make this one anymore, so I agreed to pay half what I originally paid for the camera to get it fixed-PRONTO. Vicki assured me it would be back in time for my vacation.

I also picked the paint color--and will post tomorrow AND found some great fishes at Hobby Lobby, oooh I love Hobby Lobby (almost as much as the hardware store).

well...gotta go


~MAGILL~ said...

OK so she was able to negotiate...

great a fine friend the camera has been and an inspiration to Mandy And Myself

moi said...

Sniff. You've documented many a COWW bash with your little friend. May it get well soon.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

mine broke too....and I think I have to replace it as it won't be fixed before I go on a most fabulous vacation for which I will want said camera.

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