28 November 2007

Another Nano Winner

Your 2007 Nanoloon

I am very proud and happy and relieved. This year was tough. The first week I lost 3,000 words into who-knows-where and just about threw in the towel.
I am now able to attend to my friends, family, pets, laundry, groceries, vacuuming, dusting, decorating my tree, reading magazines, doing crafts, knitting, swimming, cutting my toenails, cutting my dog's toenails, brushing them, talking on the phone, washing the car, Christmas shopping, Christmas letter, Cards, paying bills, taking pictures, listening to the wind, watching movies, did I say laundry.........I'm Baaack.


Wicked Thistle said...

You know I say this with love, but...shuddup! I still have 1,500 words to go. Feh.

moi said...

You rock, girlfriends. Drinks on Moi on Friday.

Wicked Thistle said...

Okay, I can be your friend now.

And poo, Moi, I have a date with the Scorpions on Friday. It's bring your pet night, so I'm putting Fifi on skates!

Wayfarer Scientista said...


~MAGILL~ said...


Each of you wondrous women took on something greater than you know yourself to be...and raised yourself beyond yourself to BE writers.
I commend you, extol you, acclaim you, and laud you for your achievements.

All hail the writers!!!!!

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