02 December 2007

Nanoloon MacBean

You know, one would think that after writing 50,000 in 30 days, the dashing-off-a-blog would be as easy as falling off a log. Alas, as my friend Wicked pointed out "Nanowrimo has sucked the life out of me and every word with it." Well, that probably isn't an accurate quote, but she'll never know. Surprisingly when the adrenaline wore off, I found myself uncharacteristically void of anything creative or inspirational--a desolate canyon echoing only the sounds of the wind lacking color, texture or form.

And while I feel only marginally better today, I think is important to get back out on the proverbial horse.

One of the benefits of Nano wrimo is to develop the habit of writing every day... so I am making a tentative step to getting back on the horse and I'm starting with my blog. There is more that I'd like to do with my story, but that can be a secondary task. First back to blog.

Well, I'm sure something of great import happened during the last 30 days....something mildly amusing.....something routine, but unusual...hmp.
Well, actually, no. Life has been-fine. I have been disconnected from the news and the political circus and local crimes of violence and stoopidity.

Now I find myself looking at December 2nd with amazement and realize that something important is supposed to happen this month and I've been racking my brain to remember. I'm sure it will come to me one of these days. Meanwhile, I will keep on blogging, finish my story and work on my knitting whilst I catch up on some reading and movies.

I promise to rally the elves soon. Elves? mmm, that rings a bell. Bell?


Wicked Thistle said...

Yes, my sista, there's nothing but a big blob of space left where Nano once resided. And jolly good for you for filling it with your blogness! You're an inspiration.


Doris Rose said...

I think,perhaps we may only be allotted a certain of words to use -per day. And if you use them up all at once...you may have to wait til next month's allotment.

moi said...

No such thing as allotted amounts of words. Then again, I have decided to participate in Mute Monday, just to give it all a rest.

Welcome back on the horse.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

yay! back on the horse!

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