07 December 2007

Update on the update

When adding a spa /swim machine it appears that in addition to having (and using) the skills of : an architect, a contractor, a carpenter, a painter, an electrician, a plumber, a SWIMMER and a financial genius...you must also possess skill as a chemical-friggin' engineer!!

I have been working with some-evidently-impossibly soft/alkaline water. I have-as instructed- been adding dry acid a pound at a time to lower the alkalinity and therefore bring peace and comfort to the Mistress of the Manor (ME).
Tonight I added the final pound (making it a total of TEN friggin' lbs!). I still have a ph of 8 and an alkalinity of 270ppm.

Why all this hassel..? because I have, what I presumed to be itching-dry skin on my back that has turned into a rather horrid rash.
(sympathy shot)
I will not succumb to this challenge(I hope) but will continue to fight for the right to exercise as I choose in spite of unimaginable odds and disabling pruritis!
Ok, I'll quit carping and pour myself a wee dram.....
say goodnight, Gracie


moi said...

As you know, it took us five bazillion years to get the chemistry right, too. But the rash, we never suffered that. Lord a mercy, you may have to actually hire a chemical engineer.

Hope your rash clears up, pronto. In the meantime, drink!

Wicked Thistle said...

Ooch, ouch, ick! It's a good thing you know a nurse. And *I* know a chemical engineer, so if you can give me more details, I'll run it by him over the holidays.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

ouch! I recommend a soak with baking soda to help the itch. Hope you figure out the right chemistry soon.

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