04 December 2007

Aquatic Center Update

Thought it might be a good time for a
"Grousemoor Manor-Aquatic Center Update".

If you recall in our last episode, the Endless Pool was completed Oct 26th and it was finally warm enough to swim by Saturday.

Then I left town for a week (visualize ambivalent face).
Now I'm back and can happily report that I've have been out there swimming everyday* since then. It has taken some work to figure out the chemical and temerature variations, but I think that I understand the principles and will work to perfect the system.

With only a few weeks in, I can report that a) I still love to swim, b)I feel more flexible, have improved stamina, c) I can manage 30 min non stop.
I will take a few more weeks for this to be a locked in routine, but so far, I am very pleased with the decision to do this.

I have added some company...a wind up fish and a rubber "ducky"they are joined by a mysterious gift of a pond pelican. Along with the Christmas carols on the radio...It's quite a pleasant little place to spend part of my day.

*Thanksgiving I was away, and "Black Friday it was 40 degrees in the garage and the water was 78--toooo flippin cold! I went out and bought a propane heater which is very effective.


~MAGILL~ said...

I am waiting for visions of Mermaids with a familiar look...

or...maybe the next COWWA all in the pool with drinks

moi said...

Thirty minutes non-stop? Gah, I'm muy impressed. I can't even manage two minutes.

Glad you're getting to enjoy!

A.Fanny said...

This is great news. I also do 30 minutes - although only 3x per week - so if you increase your time, please report and we will pace together! YAY! I am proud of you that you followed through with this very healthy endeavor!

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Is this one of those pools that's like a treadmill? The water moves so you just swim against it?

Wicked Thistle said...

Oh, good job, MacBean! You'll be ready for your return trip to Belize in no time. We'll just hang you off the end of the boat and marvel as you propel us along at the speed of light. And I'll have a good 15 year single malt awaiting you when you climb back in the boat.

Doris Rose said...

Thank you, my stalwart supporters.
Yes, Wafarer, it's an Endless pool-documented in posts 10/21-10/28.
A.Fanny-we can't pace because you are 12feet longer than I am!

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