08 April 2008

Where's Waldo?... or Guess who's coming for dinner!

I didn't see this critter until he was halfway up the driveway, great camo.
( I had been alerted to some kind of intruder)

Doesn't look like he's suffering from malnutrition either...

Did you notice how lush and green my property is this year. Remember all those lovely spring flowers from last year?

Handsome looking chap...

...oh yes, the Beloved Guard Dog.

I just had to go kiss that velvet ear.


Wicked Thistle said...

What vivid memories that brings back of Murphy vs. Coyote WWF! Them cute furry things are biters, you know. Better watch your back.

moi said...

One of nature's little surprises, those coyotes. The Ivanator has the scars to prove it. Still, they do make their way quite successfully in the world, don't they?

A.Fanny said...

LOVE the guard doggie! Bring her to LA - we'll keep her busy. Actually, coyotes do come into this town from the surrounding mountains as do bears and other wonders!

Orangeblossoms said...

oooh. I wanna kiss that velvet ear, too. Can I?

PS I did the meme..... thanks!

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