09 May 2008

The Dog Park!

On Wednesday, as a special treat, we drove ALL the way into to Albuquerque (25 miles...like, a day trip) to take the girls to the Dog Park. Woo hoo!
Dalwhinnie was so excited that she was pacing and crying by the time we appproached the exit (must be some powerful scents comin' from that park).

It was a busy day with
anywhere from 15-25 dogs of all sizes.

Great fun was had by all and new friends were made.

After an hour or so, my wimpy little pooches were ready to head home for a nap.


moi said...

How awesome for you and the wuppies! Dog day, indeed. But how utterly hysterical is that widdle bitty Dachshund in that great big expanse of grass. Hello, can anybody SEE me?

A.Fanny said...

Yes, little wiener dog was to die for! Now Edgewood needs a doggie park! Please make it your life's work to organize one!

Wicked Thistle said...

If those girls of yours worked for a living, they'd know better than to wimp out after an hour. Looks like great fun--sorry I couldn't join you for the festivities, but mebbe next time. That dachshund looks like a biter, though--grrrrf!

Doris Rose said...

Moi: I know, the Doxie was adorable and handled himself well with all the Big dogs.I had one for many years-too cute.
A.Fanny: Edgewood *is* a Dog Park-every house has at least two.Many run loose and then there are the coyotes...Not safe to run loose.
WT: It was a fun adventure and the people are all quite friendly.It changed a bit when there were 4 shepards and 2 pitties--a bit more aggressive-we left.

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