01 May 2008

Wild fire

April 15 the Trigo Fire started on the west side of the Manzanos ( the cental mountain range between Albuquerque and the "East mountains")
and by the end of the week it crested the moutain and was sweeping down the steep east side. Due to high winds and steep terrain it progressed dangerously close to several small towns.
I live about 30 miles north and started taking pictures on Sunday.
I packed up the dogs and took a drive south about 15 miles. But the closer I got, the more the plume looked like clouds. Reportedly the white smoke had to do with the moisture content. There was still some snow present at the crest.

I got better perspective from home. But it was scary thinking of how quickly the wind can shift and how dry everything is around my house.

By Tuesday 4/29 the fire was 95% contained and had cost over $5mil.
Then Wed afternoon we had new high wind warnings and by 2:30pm they announced a new outbreak North of the fire site.
By 7:40 pm it was still raging.

Today we have winds from 30-40mph with gust to 60mph.Tonight the fire is 35% contained having burn 13,000 acres.
New Mexico is relatively safe-weather wise (rare tornados, no hurricanes, and rare earthquakes.) Wild fires are always a threat beacuse of low humidity and wind. And we enjoy about 350days of sunshine...but days like this make me just a little anxious.
Always a good plan to have a bag packed, photos, important papers and dog stuff ready by the door.
So ....wasn't this a fun post. What causes you to pack an emergency bag?


Wicked Thistle said...

I pack an emergency bag every time I go somewhere I might have to wait. I fear being stuck with NOOOOOTHING TOOOOO DOOOOOOOO!!! (please accent with ghoulish voice) My bag includes a knitting or crocheting project, sometimes a magazine, and always a book. And snacks, but that goes without saying, doesn't it?

No sign that fire's gonna abate any time soon, eh? Wind, wind, and more wind. Topped with some wind. I hear Estancia has cancelled school tomorrow so people can deal with evacuations and such.

A.Fanny said...

We have our earthquake kit which we are supposed to "refresh" every year, but that turns out to be more like every half decade. It's always funny to notice what food jag we were on for the last one. My spouse has 10 large plastic water bottles that have been stored in the heat for over 10 years. They are probably so contaminated with chemical estrogens by now that we would grow faux titties all over our bodies within a couple of days! Also our storage shed is so crammed with other stuff that I doubt I could even FIND the friggen kit much less drag it out of there. Wake up call coming from Reno!?

moi said...

In winter, I stock up on essentials to stay in (Cheetos, Fresca, long brooms with which to clear satellite dishes) and in summer, I pray a lot. And figure, hell, I escape with the dog, S.B., and a photo album, I'm good. All important papers are in a fire-proof safe a nuclear bomb couldn't unhinge. I should be more prepared but I'm not.

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