25 June 2008

Look Familiar?


Two months ago I wrote about the Trigo Fire which was burning in the Manzano Mountains. Yesterday noon, lightning struck a tree igniting a fire just a few miles north of the original fire-now termed the Big Spring Fire. It required the evacuation of 150 kids from a Baptist summer camp and the ground crew fighting the fire. (Wednesday)

This fire is about 20 miles south of me but there are several others burning and the daily threat of thunderstorms ( which seldom contain actual rain) seems to bring new fires.
Hot and dry. That's the desert.

And the midwest is under water.
(that's smoke, chillruns!)

1 comment:

moi said...

I went out to water this morning and actually smelled this thing in the air. Yesterday afternoon, we had, what, five-point-six seconds of high driving rain followed by thunder and lightening and then clear skies? It's the desert, alright. Way I figure it, some mighty smart enginemeers need to get on the job building some kinda pipeline to move that water from the Midwest over here.

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