24 July 2008

Happy Campers

While a battle rages only a few miles away, it is reassuring to note that the grounds crew at Grousemoor Manor are cheerfully pursuing their tasks with vigor and no evidence of dissent.

Of course, they are very well fed and housed and have complete freedom.

Yes, well...history does provide us with lessons.


Aunty Belle said...

Hey Rosy Doris!

Looky, hope ya' doan mind, but I'se taggin' ya fer meme--Ruela done tagged me wif his
"eight things ya' wanna do afore ya die" meme.

Rules is to put down yore eight things (sorta a "bucket list") then go tag 8 other folks.

I'se choosin' ya cause I knows we can look forward to an
"erudite and whimsical" list!!!

Thanky fer lettin' me pester ya!!

Aunty Belle said...

an OH!! WOW--luv luv yore "fauna" shots. The wee hawk, what is he?

I swear this heah is the truth: last month, on a telephone pole in the city I seen an eagle. Bout wrecked mah buggy. Course the city ain't fer from giant wilderness, but still....I figgered he was jes 'a curious sort.

moi said...

Prairie dawgs I like better than squirrels! Oooooo, do Aunty's Meme. I wanna know, I wanna know!

Doris Rose said...

Aunty: Ill do my durndest

Moi...those ARE ground squirrels.

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