21 July 2008

The July Sagette

While it is true that I spend an obscene amount of time on line with things like Blogs and political blather, I also get easily distracted by fun things like "Scribbler" .
Fear not, I also take my photojournalistic responsibilities very seriously.

Since there has been very little "flora" this summer, I have had to concentrate on the "fauna". (I will address the huge problem with the ground squirrels at some other time.)

From my desk and window overlooking the front yard-as it were- I have a great view of some wildlife. This is not to be confused with my unwild life.

Todays special treat was a beautiful (I think) hawk of some sort. He sat patiently while I slowly tried to get some shots through ventian blinds-not easy. He even waited while I'll opened the blinds and refocused. pretty bird, maybe 9-11".
***Note: It is actually an American Kestral***

Then off he went. I hope he was looking for ground squirrels.

The omnipresent Bugs Bunnies (not to be confused with Mr. Bugs- the handsome wabbit.)
(The green stuff surrounding him is what is passing for ground cover this year, not grass, you may be sure.)

and now, Dalwhinnie's favorite new friend...the gizzard.

Lots of these fearless little guys.

"but I love you and want to give you a leetle kees"

" NO! no means NO!"

"and I mean it! back off dogbreath."
ahh, the adventures in Prairie-dise, stay tuned.


moi said...

"No means no!" Bwahahahaha! So funny! Beautiful photo of the hawk! I love that look she is giving you, all: "Yes, I am lovely, aren't I? Snap away."

Wicked Thistle said...

Remarkable close-up shot of the lizard! Check out those eyes; I think that's Rico's cousin. "I love you. Have a taste of my bifurcated tongue; everyone knows that once you go fork-tongued, you never go back."

Also, don't think I don't realize what you're doing by throwing the bunnies into the squirrel ground war. The question, though, is whose side are they on??! Mm? Mm?

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