19 July 2008

Todays HuffPo quote

“If a candidate is unable to control himself and blurts out a joke about bestial rape or killing civilians despite the fact that there are reporters everywhere and he happens to be running for president, it goes a long way towards determining whether he's someone who we can trust to make snap decisions with global implications or whether he's simply a tweaking street loon who talks to invisible shadow people.”

Bob Cesca-Huffington Post


Aunty Belle said...

Heh....hilarious. Ain't we tired of all this ???

Readin' backwards,
what is Reiki? I know in general, but what in specific?

Doris Rose said...

A.B.thanks for the post, check out the site. Reiki is an experiential form of treatment, much has been written but each experience is unique.I will continue to post info as the work progresses.

Wicked Thistle said...

Oh. I. Love. That. Quote.

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