14 September 2008

And so it goes

And here’s how the day gets away from me. Every day. Every hour.

Soo...I get up to fetch a cup of coffee and notice there’s a few coffee grounds in the bottom of the pot so, I pull up the filter and grounds and dump them in the trash so I can rinse out the filter basket. I notice that the trash seems to be full… so I pull out the bag. It’s not quite full, so I empty the wastebasket next to my desk into it. I put the bag outside and since it seems quite nice out I leave the door open. I go back to get my coffee and as I put in a spoonful of sweetener, I decided that I should dump the sweetener bag into a tupper ware container. Then I have to go into the mysterious-container-cupboard and find the small oblong container that I know is in there somewhere. After removing several large pieces I find the container and looking for and then put everything back in the cupboard. I dump the sweetener into the container and of course there’s too much for the small container so its spills on the counter. Then I have to get the cleaner and a towel and cleanup counter and I might as well do the cutting board and the top of the stove and the front of the stove-- ‘cause there’s spatters on it from breakfast. Oh, and one of the pilot lights is out…go find a lighter and relight it. And while I’m at it I should wipe off the island. As I do this I am listening to “Hadrian’s Wall” on the computer and remember that I want to add ABBA my library, so I go in the living room to find the ABBA CD. Then I return to the kitchen get my coffee and come back to my desk. Now, I don't know how long it took me but I know that I only went over to get a cup of coffee.

So when and someone says what a retired people do all day, you can tell them.


A.Fanny said...

But what really matters is: were you IN THE NOW the whole time??

Wicked Thistle said...

I. So. Feel. Your. Pain.

moi said...

I think I peed a little, laughing at this.

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