23 September 2008

small miracles

And now, a few pre-trip announcements:

1.For week or so I have been looking high and low for my wannabe- IPod. The last time I had it was the trip to Belize which was in June and have not used it since. It should be noted that I did not use a while I was there either. As I rolled over this morning and reached to my nightstand I glanced down and saw a plastic bag of wedged between the bed and the night stand… and lo and behold there was my little radio.

2. As I opened my patio door, a little while later, in an effort to release some weird buggy, a bunny ran by and Poppy lurchedright past me out the door chasing a bunny. Damn. So, I prepared with treats and a leash to go and capture her --cursing under my breath. When I yanked open the back door… lo and behold, here comes Poppy! I stepped aside and she ran into the house for praise and cookies.

3.As I walked toward the guest bathroom with cleaner in hand, I glimpsed something out of the corner of my eye -near the patio door. Lo and behold, it was the missing lizard! (a week or two ago while sitting in the kitchen I noticed that one of those ubiquitous little lizards had gotten in the back door. I tried hard to trap him in order to get him outside but he disappeared and hasn’t been seen since by me or the dogs . Well, there he was looking out the patio door. I quietly moved into that direction and Poppy joined me, of course. I slowly opened the screen door and Poppy and I herded our guest toward the open door. poof! he left, unharmed.

I’m 90% packed, the house is 80% clean, and the refrigerator is 70% emptied out. I think I'm in pretty good shape. Tomorrow I will pick up some pictures, a prescription, get some cash for the dog lady and deliver my girls to camp.

Just thought I’d report a few minor miracles that are always welcome before leaving town.

Hasta la vista, Amigas.


I don't trust a man who uses the word evil eighteen times in ten minutes. If you're half evil, nothing soothes you more than to think the person you are opposed to is totally evil.
-Norman Mailer, author (1923-2007) hmmmmm


A.Fanny said...

SOO glad the lizard got out - he would have had to feast on your upholstery while you were gone. But why was Poppy so disciplined while you opened the screen? Why did she refrain from going after him? She just ain't right!

Wicked Thistle said...

To heck with the loaves and the fishes, Poppy practiced *restraint* Halleluia! That *is* a miracle!

(But still, a.fanny's spot on with her comment--that girl ain't right.)

Jane said...

Small miracles are always the best, and always welcome! I love when things go RIGHT!

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