21 September 2008


As I have commented before, this has been a very dry year. The month of July gave us several inches of rain and although storms rolled through much of August and September that provided very little rainfall fro my neighborhood, the healthy growth of grass and weeds quickly died out. My neighbor came over last week and trimmed everything down short to avoid fire danger. I was beginning to despair of anything pretty showing up… other than the beautiful fall sunflowers, when this beautiful bush/weed bloomed by my back door. I’m leaving it.
The weather has,otherwise been lovely, mostly sixties and seventies which drop to the mid forties during the night-good sleeping weather.

Anyway, I’m preparing for my homecoming pilgrimage with cleaning, packing and organizing--not my strong suit. But I hope to have everything finished in the next couple of days. The wuppies will then be carted off to camp with tears and objections. Eight days is a long time for them to be away from home. I will be gone longer ( but I’m not telling them) I have a friend who will come to house sit and stay with them until I return.

I’m quite sure that I will have computer access were am going (my brother being a bona fide geek, and all) but I’m not sure if I will be blogging. Be prepared there may actually be some good yarns to spin when I get home, until then Happy Trails!

Sandia Sunset.


Wicked Thistle said...

We'll miss you, Doris Rose! I know you'll be busy collecting stories and taking pictures, so I know we'll be hearing all about it on the blog eventually. Traveling mercies!

moi said...

Beautiful photos! Those purple asters are blooming here as well. Lovely harbingers of late summer. We'll miss you but look forward to the stories of your adventures. Travel safely mi amiga!

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